N.H. -13, Purle, Shimoga, Karnataka
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Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Radiology

Oral Medicine and Radiology: This department is the primary interface of the dental hospital where they screen the patients with dental complaints and diagnoses the condition through laboratory investigations and radiography. Upon screening, the patients are directed to relevant specialised departments within the dental hospital for further treatment.

Initial screening include Diagnostic services & establishing treatment protocols, Biopsy procedures – Incisional, Excisional, Aspiration & exfoliative cytology, Intra oral radiographs – Periapical, Bite wing and Occlusal radiographs, Extraoral radiographic techniques – PA mandible, Lateral skull, PNS view, Townes projection. Reverse Townes projection,Lateral cephalometric projection, Submento vertex projection( base of skull & Jug handle), Specialized TMJ view.