N.H. -13, Purle, Shimoga, Karnataka
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Department of Orthodontics

The department of orthodontics usually manages cases that require correction of tooth alignment. Proper alignment of teeth is important from a functional view-point as well aesthetics. This is accomplished by fixing ‘braces’ and wires on the teeth.

  • Treatment of simple cases of misaligned teeth (irregular teeth) with a removable plate
  • Debanding of fixed appliances and composite cement removal, oral prophylaxis and polishing (i.e. removal of fixed clips/braces and tooth cleaning)
  • Fabrication of removable retention appliances (i.e. removable plates to be worn after treatment with clips)
  • Treatment of all types of tooth malocclusion (irregular teeth)
  • Fixed appliance therapy Labial–Begg, pre-adjusted as well as tip edge appliances (visible clip treatment with metal or tooth coloured clips)
  • Fixed appliance therapy using Lingual appliances (‘invisible braces’, i.e. braces placed on the tongue surface of the teeth)
  • Growth modulation therapy (i.e. directing the jaws to grow normally in children) using functional appliances and headgears
  • Orthodontic mini-implants which serve as an attachment in jaw bones to move teeth
  • Treatment of cleft lip (Hare-lip) and palate
  • Orthognathic surgery (severe cases of jaw & teeth irregularities in adults are treated with surgical approach along with braces)
  • Fixed and removable retainers (retainers hold corrected teeth in position after treatment with braces)
  • Night guard therapy for bruxism (i.e. soft cover over teeth to prevent tooth wear by grinding)
  • Clear retainers (wireless retainers)
  • Hyrax, Hass rapid expansion devices (jaw expansion using screws)
  • Ni-Ti slow expansion devices (widening the jaws with light force on teeth)